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Pygmy Goat Guarantee

1. Our goats are guaranteed to be disease free at the time of purchase. Conditions diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within 14 days of purchase are included in the guarantee. We recommend you take this goat to your vet for an examination and confirm its health.
2. Satisfaction under this guarantee may be replacement of the animal with a comparable animal or a full refund at the discretion of the seller.
3. If at any time during the life of this goat, the buyer has problems or questions pertaining to the goat, we will continue to provide educational support.
Ponti Veterinary Hospital
25007 East Wellesley Ave.
Otis Orchards, Wa. 99027
Phone: 509-922-7465 Fax: 509-226-1994
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Updated November 06, 2017