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Purchasing a Pygmy Goat

Please fill out an APPLICATION to be put on the Pygmy Goat Waiting List. After your Application has been approved then you will receive a phone call from Hidden Valley Pygmy Goats to discus your Application and purchase of goats. A deposit via PayPal will be taken after the phone call from us.

Our Goats come from exceptional Pygmy Pedigrees. We breed our goats with a focus on excellent health and temperament. Our goats are raised on our 25 acre farm and are loved and cared for from the moment they are born. 


1.  Buyer agrees to provide daily care necessary to the health and well being of the goat.
2.  Buyer agrees that this goat or any offspring of this goat shall not be given to, sold to, leased to, or consigned to any commercial pet store, chain store, commercial breeding establishment, nor fund raiser raffle, no matter how charitable.
3.  Buyer agrees that, should the occasion arise, that if it becomes impossible to either maintain the goat in a humane situation, or they need  to rehome the goat, the buyer agrees to return it to the seller with no or partial compensation at the discretion of the sellers.
4.  Buyer agrees to contact us by phone or email monthly for at least 6 months to keep us apprised of the goat's performance.  Failure to do this will void the guarantee.
5. You will be asked to provide you name, phone number and address of your Vet.


Health Requirements 

  • Most states require a Health Certificate (only) if the animal is less than six months of age.
  • Animals over six months of age are usually required to have a health certificate, Negative TB and Negative Brucellosis. Some states require only a health certificate. To be sure call your local veterinarian and have him check.
  • In all cases, the airlines require a current health certificate under 30 days old.

Vet costs are approximate for estimation purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

  • Health Certificate Only (One Animal) $75.00*
  • Blood Work & Health Certificate One Animal $125.00*
  • The above rates do not apply to international shipments.

Crate Sizes (Vari Kennel) 

  • 500-40”LX27’X30’H- Mature Does and Bucks
  • 400-36"LX24”WX26”H - Does/Yearling/Bucks
  • 300-32”X22”x23”H- Babies/Some Yearlings  

If you already have a crate, the following requirements must be met in order for the airlines to accept the shipment. USDA Requirements: 

  • Crate Must Be Clean 
  • Crate must be in good condition, no cracks or breaks
  • Two water dishes must be attached to the cage during shipment.   

All animals are insured at time of shipment for declared value plus crate and shipping costs.

  • We ship from Spokane International Airport, Spokane, WA. Delta air cargo we can usually send animals COD. Continental must be prepaid at time of shipment. Alaskan - COD normally
  • You can get an approximate shipping cost (Continental US Only) by calling the airlines air cargo phone. Tell them you want the price on shipping a Pygmy goat from Spokane, WA to your nearest major airport. Give them the size of the crate and they will give you a price quote.  Shipment is proportional to the weight of the animal and the size of the crate. 

All Delta Dash shipments MUST be prepaid as well as Continental Shipments

Shipping Costs Are Determined by:   

  • Crate size and weight of animal.
  • Destination. It is generally cheaper to ship an animal into a major airport then a smaller less used airport.

Additional Notes: 

  • Hidden Valley Pygmy Goats will handle all arrangements and notify you of a shipping date.   We try to work around your schedule if possible.  Hidden Valley Pygmy Goats charges a $100.00 fee for arrangements and delivery to the airport.
  • During hot weather, hat restrictions may apply to animal transportation. During winter, months check for shipment availability do to climate differences in North Idaho verses the Midwest or Eastern United States.
  • All of our animals will only be shipped domestically.
  • If you are shipping a crate to us both our postal and UPS address are as follows:  

    Hidden Valley Pygmy Goats
    10952 W. Hidden Valley Rd.
    Rathdrum, ID 83858
    United States
    Phone (208) 687-2551

Updated November 06, 2017